Wooden or Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp — Which One Is Right for You?

Wheelchair ramps are really a blessing for mobility impaired or elderly people who find it difficult to access steps, vehicles, doorways, sliding glass doors, showers or raised landings. Ramps allow wheelchair users to safely and independently move around in and out of a home or a building. It even makes the evacuation easier for physically challenged people, in case of an emergency. Ramps can be installed at the outside door or porch, and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Wheelchair ramps are available in aluminum, steel, rubber or wooden materials. Dealers of accessibility products in New Jersey offer cost-effective, quality aluminum and wooden ramps from leading manufacturers such as National Ramp. Let us consider the features of these mobility aids.

Aluminum Ramps

>> They come with a lifetime warranty.
>>They are 100% recyclable and maintenance free.
>>Strong, durable and lightweight.
>>No concerns such as rusting, rotting and splinters.
>>Help eliminate the formation of puddles by allowing the rain and snow to pass through.
>>The deflection of the ramp surface is less.
>>Permanent skid-resistant aluminum tread surface.
>>Two sides of the ramp have 2” safety curbs, preventing the wheelchair from rolling off.
>>Can be easily installed, rented or resold.
>>Expansion, reconfiguration, and transportation are easier.
>>Portable aluminum threshold ramps are available.
>>Have the highest coefficient of friction for maximum traction.

Wooden Ramps

>>These ramps are a great addition to your outdoor decks and patios.
>>Usually, pressure treated wood is used to construct wooden ramps to prevent rotting.
>>There is adequate gap between the deck boards for the drainage of water and also, it allows for natural expansion and contraction.
>>It can be painted or stained to match any deck or porch.
However, wooden ramps have some shortcomings.
>>They require regular maintenance.
>>Even though installation is easy, it requires a contractor or carpenter for the assembly.
>>Portable wooden ramps are not available.
>>These ramps cannot be rented on a monthly basis.

Make Sure That You Get the Right Ramp for Your Needs

Considering all features distinctive of wooden and aluminum ramps, you can purchase one that suits you best from an authorized mobility equipment company in New Jersey. Go for a dealer who makes available a large variety of wheelchair ramps from trustworthy manufacturers. They will help choose the right product and take care of the installation as well. They also provide modular ramps with an installation guide which help you to build a ramp of your own. Moreover, they may also offer rental ramps for any temporary purpose you may have.

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