Why Install Stair lifts in Your Home — Top Reasons

Mobility and accessibility issues are very common among seniors or older adults. Staircases act as a barrier for seniors with mobility issues (due to injury, ill health or old age). Stair lifts have become an appealing and practicable solution for mobility challenged people. These accessibility devices enhance the mobility and independence of people to a great extent by allowing smooth and safe access between the floors. It eliminates the risk of falls that older people face when going up and down the stairs, making the home safer and more accessible to them. Choosing the best or most appropriate stair lift can often be confusing. Leading dealers of accessibility equipment offer innovative models of stair chair lifts integrated with high-end features and specifications that best suit the staircase configuration.

Here are some of the compelling reasons for investing in a good stair lift -

· Retain independence — A reliable stair lift can help people with mobility challenges regain their independence. When mobility becomes too painful, people often have to depend on others to move from one floor to another. This can be a depressing situation for them. Installing a stair chair lift would allow them to move easily and safely between the different floors of the house.

· Prevent accidents or falls — Stairs are difficult to navigate, especially for older family members. Falls on the stairs can be dangerous. Injuries, weaknesses and problems with vision, balance and strength can make climbing and descending stairs a dangerous task for older people. A stair lift helps people to use the stairs in safety, reducing the risk of injuries from falling on the stairs.

· Improve overall well-being — People suffering from cardiovascular problems often struggle when it comes to climbing stairs. Having a straight or curved stair lift installed in your home can resolve these issues by enabling them to move up and down the stairs as often as they like without compromising their well being.

· Regain full use of their home — As people struggle with the stairs, they may often find themselves restricted to using only one part of the house. A stair chair lift provides mobility challenged people the necessary freedom to access all areas of the home independently and conveniently.

· Relief from temporary disabilities — Stair chair lifts can act as a great mobility aid in situations such as when people have suffered a recent injury, or have had an operation, or are recovering from one.

· Better peace of mind — Stair chair lifts will give peace of mind to mobility challenged people, as they will have less worries of falling down.

As people get older, their security needs also change. As home safety is an important aspect, (especially if you have an elder member in your family), installing mobility devices in home requires careful consideration of all the changing needs of users. Choose the mobility device carefully and with proper guidance from a good dealer to ensure maximum safety at home.

Living Free Home is your local New Jersey provider of home accessibility equipment: stair lifts, modular ramps, portable ramps, wheel chair lifts, and more.

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