Straight Stairlifts — Overcome the Issues Caused by Straight Staircases

You or your loved ones may have been forced to restrict your daily routines due to difficulty in climbing and descending stairs. Moving from your home may not be an option or renovating your home could be too expensive. What can you possibly do? A stair lift may be the ideal solution. It is basically a chair that travels up and down along a track that is mounted to a stairway. This stair chair lift allows you to comfortably access the different floors in your house. It enables the elderly as well as persons with limited mobility to be independent and self sufficient. Stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases are available.

Straight stairlifts can travel only in straight lines; they cannot turn a corner or go around a bend. They are safe and effective. Their installation is easy and less costly. They are easy to operate and maintenance free, and offer a smooth and quiet ride.


• Continuous charge function that allows parking the lift on any part of the track when it is not in use
• Generous seat size with multiple seat heights
• An elegant covered track gives a clean and attractive rail
• Two 12-volt batteries that provide dependable performance even during power outages
• The standard swivel seat makes it easy to exit
• Foldable arms, seat and footrest which create plenty of space for family or guests to walk up and down the stairs
• Safety sensors on the power pack and footplate
• Easily accessible key switch that allows you to disable the lift and prevent unauthorized use
• Standard clip seat belt
• Remarkable stability
• Visual diagnostics for instant unit status
• Standing or perching seat stair lift available for narrow stairs
• Outdoor stairlifts come with a waterproof cover to keep it protected from inclement weather.

Popular Models of Straight Stairlifts

A reliable dealer of home accessibility equipment makes available high quality stairlifts from top manufacturers Bruno and Handicare. All these products come with a 2 year warranty.

• Bruno Elan– This device can comfortably accommodate 300 pounds of weight and delivers high safety, better performance and ease-of-use at a reasonable price.
• Handicare Simplicity — If you do not require powered options, then this product will be a perfect way out. This model is compatible with the slide track and manual hinge systems. It offers a range of solutions to prevent the track from causing an obstruction.
• Bruno Elite- It has 400 lbs loading capacity. Its clean, attractive and stylish design with reliable operation complements any home décor as well as improves your lifestyle.
• Handicare Simplicity Plus–Integrated with many powered options to overcome your mobility challenges, this lift is safe and stylish. It is easy to use and provides maximum safety and flexibility. Its maximum loading capacity is 140 lbs.
• Handicare 1000 — It is a stylish solution for narrow staircases. It is a perfect choice for users weighing up to 350 lbs. Its outdoor model is also available.
• Handicare 1000XL/XXL — This extra heavy duty version can accommodate users up to 440 lbs. It is ideal for your narrow stairs. It can be installed outdoors too.

Locate a Licensed Distributor

If you are considering buying straight stairlifts in New Jersey, approach a licensed and reliable provider of home accessibility equipment who can supply tested and approved indoor, outdoor straight and curved stairlifts. They carry out professional installation without charging any additional cost. They take only as little as 48 hours for the installation of your stairlift. Moreover, their certified technicians ensure that your product is safe and properly fitted for your use.

Living Free Home is your local New Jersey provider of home accessibility equipment: stair lifts, modular ramps, portable ramps, wheel chair lifts, and more.

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