Stairlifts for Curved Stairs — Different Models

Curved stairlifts have tracks that are designed exclusively to suit staircases that turn corners or are spiral. A stair chairlift allows users to sit comfortably on a seat that takes them up and down the steps through a rail. You can choose from various models of curved stairlifts made available by a reliable mobility equipment dealer in New York. Stair lifts from leading manufacturers Bruno and Handicare are great options.

>> Bruno Elite Curved — It has a curved rail model with a safe and durable design and can be installed on almost all curved stairways. This device can perform well even during a power failure due to its two 12-volt batteries that can be continuously powered from any household outlet. The main features of this curved stairlift are:

> It has a 400 lb loading capacity.
>It has an offset swivel seat which makes getting on and off safer and easier.
>Direct drive motor such as gear box is installed.
>It has a power swivel seat.
>It offers an amazing and comfortable stable ride around every corner.
>Visually coded diagnostics to instantly analyze the operational status of the unit.
>Ample seat size with adjustable width armrests and multiple seat heights.
>Large, power folding footrest.
>Mid park and charge station for staircases with middle landings.
>To ensure safety, obstruction sensors and seat belt are attached.

>> Handicare 2000 Curved Stairlift — This reliable and easy-to-use device stays very close to the edge of your staircase and has the tightest track bends available in the industry. It has a twin rail system which ensures a smooth and safe ride. By installing heavy duty kit on your stairlift, its load capacity can be increased from 253lbs to 300lbs. Its attributes are:

> It comes with two remote controls as standard.
> Powered footplate which will automatically fold your footrest.
> Seat belts and safety censors are added for protection.
> Three seat variations are available such as Smart Seat, Perch Seat and 2000 Simplicity to suit individual needs.
> Powered or manual swivel seat.
> It can be supplied with a power hinge track at the bottom of the stairs if required.

>> Handicare Stairlifts (Handicare Free lift) for Complicated Staircases — There are three models which can be used in single or multi storied homes. They are
> Handicare Rembrandt — It is designed for the inside bend of the stairs.
> Handicare Van Gogh — It is one of the most popular stairlifts in the world. This cost-effective chairlift can be used for the outside bend of the stairs. It comes with a single tubular track which is less than 8 cm in diameter.
> Handicare Vermeer — It is an ideal solution for houses with spiral staircases.
Its characteristics are:
> The maximum loading capacity of this stairlift is 125 kg.
> It has an automatic folding footplate and automatic swivel seat.
> Standard seat belt for security.
> A wide variety of seats are available in different colors.
> The armrest incorporates LED diagnostic systems which help identify minor problems.

Locate a Licensed Accessibility Equipment Company

If your are planning to purchase curved stairlifts in NY for residential use, make sure that you get them from an experienced and authorized accessibility equipment company in New York that can provide you with customized curved stairlifts and professional installation services. With reputable providers, you get to choose from a large selection of stairlifts and also enjoy excellent after-sales service.

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