Quality Curved Stairlift Models for Homes

A good home stair lift is a wonderful accessibility solutionfor seniors and for those with mobility issues who have trouble with steps.It provides them with easy access to the different levels of their home, resolving the challenges posed by the staircase. The type of stairlift installed would depend on the design of the staircase. Curved stairlifts can successfully resolve the mobility issues involved in climbing curved or spiral stairways in your home.

As these stair lifts mount to the stair treads, not to the wall, they are very sturdy and can be installed in almost any home. Compared to electric units, battery powered units are quieter, smoother and will work even if there’s a power failure in the home.

Choose the One with High-end Features

Quality curved stair chair lifts are integrated with advanced features to provide a smooth and safe ride. These lift types will go around corners, bends and changes in direction. They come with standard features that ensure a safe ride such as seatbelts, breaking systems and footrest sensors, push-button or rocker-switch controls located on the armrest for easy operation, and “call send” controls which allow you to call or send the unit to the other end of the stairs as well as adjustable footrest height for maximum comfort. Most curved lift models available today also have seats, armrests and footplates that fold up out of the way, and swivel seats that make getting into and out of the chair easier.

It is crucial to make sure that the lift you choose has all these features.

Reliable Stairlift Models for Curved Stairs

· Bruno Elite Curved — This indoor chairlift delivers a premium smooth, stable ride around every corner. With custom-designed rail built for your stairs, the lift comes with a stairlift capacity of 400 lbs (181 kg). Its strong and resilient drive system ensures safe operation and durability.

· Handicare 2000 — This versatile stairlift system comes with the tightest track bends available in the industryand can accommodate a wide range of stair configurations. Installed close to the edge of your staircase, it leaves you with more room. The fully automatic hinge track in the unit will be raised and lowered without the user having to operate it.

· HandicareStairlifts (Freelift)- Specifically designed for curved stairs, this lift type comes in three models:

o Rembrandt — This model has been developed specifically for mounting on the ‘inside’ of the stairs — this is normally the shorter travel distance along the staircase. Its special design copes admirably with what are often steeper inside curves.

o Van Gogh — One of the most popular curved stairlifts in the world, Van Gogh is designed specifically for the outside of the stairs. Wide range of applications and its value for money makes it popular.

o Vermeer — Designed specifically for multi-storey houses and apartment block stairwells, this model enables you to travel up to six or seven floors. It features a single round track and can handle Maximum load of 125 kg.

Curved stairlifts should be installed according to design of the specific staircase. Reliable dealers who supply these lifts also provide free site inspections and customized installation support.

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