Overcome Outdoor Mobility Challenges with Exterior Stairlifts in NYC

Using the front or back door steps can be a challenge, mainly for those with mobility issues. Choosing an outdoor stairlift would be ideal for providing easy access to your porch, garden, deck and garage. This accessibility equipment makes it easier for your loved ones to enjoy spending their time outdoors. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, these stairlifts allow effortless access to the outdoor areas of residences and offices. Installing an exterior stairlift in NYC is easy with the services offered by an established stair lift supplier in your area.

Whether you have a straight, curved or even spiral stairway, outdoor stairlifts are available in diverse models to suit your requirement. Proven to withstand harsh weather conditions, these stair chair lifts also come provided with a durable waterproof cover for extra protection.

This mobility equipment has control buttons conveniently located on the seat armrest. One important accessory is the seat belt. The obstruction sensors provided in the lift help to stop the lift automatically when it finds an obstacle on its way.

Reliable exterior stairlift models include:

· Handicare 1000- Exterior

· Bruno Elite Exterior

· Bruno Elite Exterior Curved

· Handicare 2000 Exterior Curved

A stair lift for outdoor stairways also incorporates safety features such as swing away arms, swivel seat, padded armrest, safety brakes on carriage and hidden gear jacks to ensure maximum safety of the user. During power failure, this lift can be operated with the rechargeable batteries included. Another important feature is that the model can be folded when not in use.

Whether your concern is to improve the accessibility of a hotel, apartment complex or any residential setting, an experienced outdoor stairlift supplier in NYC can help. Reputable dealers provide the services of certified factory-trained technicians who can carry out cleaning, lubrication and maintenance tasks on time and thus ensure that the lift is in perfect working condition.

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