Modular Ramps — Get a Customized Accessibility Solution

Leading suppliers of mobility devices offer DIY modular wheelchair ramps in New Jersey that allow customers to build their own ramps. DIY ramps offer you the flexibility to design a durable and dependable configuration to meet your specific accessibility needs or those people needing access to your building.

A modular ramp kit includes all parts, accessories, and an installation guide that enables you to build a custom ramp for your home or commercial setting. The ramp installation guide contains step-by-step installation directions and planning tips that will guide you in constructing a wheelchair ramp within a short time. These ramps can be easily installed and do not require any permanent alteration to your property. They can be modified by adding or removing, swapping the components to fit virtually any site layout. These durable and cost-effective ramps can be easily disassembled and reassembled when the owner moves to a new location. They do not leave any unsightly holes or concrete footings even after removal.

Types of Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Reliable accessibility equipment dealers in New Jersey offer aluminum, steel and wooden modular wheelchair ramps along with their installation guides. Customers can choose from:

· Straight Ramp with and without Platform

· Turn Platform with Ramp

· Turn Ramps to Existing Landing

· Turn Ramps to Second Platform

· Turn Back Layout

You can pick the right layout that suits your building.

· Solid Surface Aluminum — This wheelchair ramp is a great option for novice do — it — yourself individuals as it is the easiest ramp kit to put together. It is 100% maintenance free and comes with a lifetime warranty against rust. It can comfortably accommodate a load of 850 lbs. It can be installed in less than 30 minutes. It has an extruded skid-resistant surface that prevents slipping and falling, and is best for climates with little or no snow. It has a clean and modern appearance. The sides are finished and flush with no hazardous nuts or bolts protruding onto the usable ramp area. The platforms and handrails of this lightweight aluminum wheelchair ramp are pre-assembled, saving customers hours of tedious handwork.

· Open Mesh Aluminum — ADA-compliant aluminum wheelchair ramps are easy to install, 100% maintenance free, and feature a load capacity of 800 lbs. They have the safest ramp surface available. As the tread surface has open mesh design, it allows rain and melting snow to pass through, drying the ramp quickly as well as providing excellent traction. It is 100% recyclable and comes with a lifetime warranty against rust.

· Open Mesh Coated Steel — All components of this ADA-compliant steel wheelchair ramp are coated with a durable powder-coated finish, making it far more hard-wearing than painted steel ramps. Its tread surface comes with an open mesh design, allowing natural drainage, but preventing small objects from passing through. It can accommodate 800 lbs and has textured finish for slip resistance. It is easy to install and comes with a 3 year warranty against rust.

· Pressure Treated Modular Wood — As this wheelchair ramp is constructed using kiln-dried premium pressure treated southern yellow pine wood, it will last long and protect against termite damage, rotting, and fungal decay. It can be painted or stained to match any deck or porch. It can be easily installed by advanced do-it-yourself and professional installers.

Professional home accessibility equipment dealers in New Jersey offer a variety of modular ramp kits. They offer top quality DIY ramps with all necessary parts and pieces. They even provide modular ramps for rent for any temporary purposes you may have.

You can either set up your ramp of your own or make use of the professional ramp installation services that your dealer offers. Their experienced technicians will visit you at your home, evaluate your specific needs, and measure for your accessibility product. They will assemble your wheelchair ramp quickly and efficiently.

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Living Free Home is your local New Jersey provider of home accessibility equipment: stair lifts, modular ramps, portable ramps, wheel chair lifts, and more.

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