Learn about the Top Safety Features of Wheelchair Lifts

Seniors or people with limited mobility who happen to use wheelchairs face serious problems when it comes to accessing a porch or other raised deck. A wheelchair lift is the ideal solution to improve access in multilevel residential and commercial buildings. The device transports a person seated in a wheelchair up and down the different levels of a building and provides easy access to decks and other raised levels. It is a space saving alternative in settings that do not have space to install an elevator or ramp. Leading dealers of accessibility equipment in New Jersey offers different types of vertical platform lifts designed to suit users’ specific needs.

Safety features are an important factor to consider when buying a wheelchair lift. Top models of wheelchair lifts are integrated with several features to ensure safe, smooth and comfortable transport.

· Constant pressure controls — The platform lift will stop when pressure on the switch is released.

· Overspeed governor — If the wheelchair lift operates beyond a specific speed level, this feature will automatically apply the brake and controls the speed.

· Emergency stop button — The emergency stop button is located on the platform sidewall and can be pressed at any time to stop the platform (in case of an emergency or if any obstructions occur). An alarm will sound when the button is pressed.

· Auto-folding ramp — This feature allows the lift to be folded when not in use and leaves the stairway free for other users.

· Non-skid platform with side safety flaps — The non-skid platform is intended to prevent the wheelchair from sliding on the platform.

· Battery back-up system — A battery back-up system can ensure that the wheelchair lift will continue to function normally even during a power outage, so that a user will not have to worry about getting stuck en route.

· Self-lowering ramp — A self-lowering ramp allows the user to move effortlessly from platform to entryway.

· Bottom platform safety panel: This is important in case there be an obstruction under the lift.

· Call send stations — These allow the lift to be brought down to the user at the top/bottom of the stairs if it was left at the other side.

· Electro-mechanical interlock — This feature prevents accidental opening of platform gate.

· All-weather protected controls and switches: Wheelchair lifts for outdoor applications come with all-weather protected controls and switches and a weather-resistant finish.

If you are considering purchase of a residential or commercial wheelchair lift in New Jersey, locate a reliable dealer in accessibility products. With a reputed dealer, you can choose from an array of quality products and enjoy benefits such as the best prices, free shipping, installation support, and efficient technical services to keep your mobility equipment in perfect working condition all the time.

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