Key Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Wheelchair Ramps

A ramp is simple and easy to set up accessibility solution for people with restricted mobility. Portable ramps allow wheelchair or mobility scooter users overcome the barriers posed by steps, curbs or inclines in residential and commercial buildings as well as the challenges of getting in and out of vehicles. Portable ramps are also useful for people pushing strollers, carts or other wheeled objects. Lightweight and compact, portable ramps are available in a multitude of sizes and can be folded for ease of transport.

Buying a Portable Wheelchair Ramp — Things to Consider

· Slip-resistant Tread: If the wheelchair ramp gets wet in the rain or snow, it can become extremely slippery. The extruded tread allows the mobility devices to retain traction in all weather conditions.

· Rise of the Ramp Location: Knowing the rise of the ramp location is important to choose the right option.

· Weight Capacity: This is very important for a portable wheelchair ramp to have the ability to accommodate the expected load.

· Single-fold Ramp Hinge: The single-fold ramp features a continuous, no pinch, low profile hinge that runs the full length of the ramp to add strength and stability.

· Self-adjusting Bottom Transition Plates: These plates independently adjust for easy conversion from ramp to ground. Secure placement is ensured with formed top lip transition plates.

· Ergonomically-designed Handles: These make your suitcase Single-fold Ramp is easy to carry while traveling. A flexible and non-breakable handle can offer ultimate comfort and safety when carrying.

· Space: Portable ramps should have enough space for the user to safely get in and off as well as reverse and turning space for mobility scooters.

Portable Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Ramp Models available in Boston

1. Suitcase Ramps: This is a single fold design portable ramp that can be used for stairs, cars, trucks, and other low to moderate land rises. The suitcase ramp can be quickly split into two pieces by simply removing two hinge pins. The ramp’s two lightweight sections make it easier and lighter to carry in their own carrying handle. The platform of this device provides excellent stability. Popular models include: TOP LIP EXTENSION (TLE), EZ-Access Suitcase Ramp Signature Series, and EZ-ACCESS SUITCASE® RAMP ADVANTAGE SERIES®.

2. Multifold Ramps: This ramp can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters with various wheel configurations. These portable ramps can be multi-folded like a suitcase, making it easy to carry and store when travelling. This ultra-strong ramp allows rear door access on utility trailers, SUVs, and vans. Top models of multifold ramps available in the market with a three-year limited warranty include: Top Lip Extension (TLE), WCR Series (600–800 lb capacity), and Trifold Advantage Series (800lb capacity).

3. Aluminum & Rubber Threshold Ramps: These ramps are easy to install and allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users to easily access doorways, sliding glass doors, showers and raised landings. They are portable, durable, affordable as well as ideal to be used in both residential and commercial settings. Top models of this ramps available in the market are — Aluminum Threshold Ramps THR Series, EZ-Access Threshold Ramp, Rubber Threshold Ramps, ELEV8® Adjustable, Rubber Threshold — Stone Cap(TM) Transition, EZ-Access 1.5-In Rubber Thresh Beveled (1 or 2 pack), EZ-Access 2 1/4-In Rubber Threshold Riser Boxed (2 EA), EZ-Access 2.5-In Rubber Thresh Beveled, EZ-Access 2 1/2-In Rubber Threshold/Cargo Wedge Boxed (1),EZ-Access 2 1/2-In Rubber Threshold/Cargo Wedge Boxed (2 pack), and EZ-Access Threshold Combo pack.

4. Solid Wheelchair Ramps: This is a solid single-piece aluminum wheelchair ramp, which acts as both temporary as well as permanent. This model comes with an 850 pounds weight capacity that can easily accommodate wider wheelchairs. These ramps are exclusively designed for scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, canes and crutches. Top models of solid wheelchair ramps include; EZ-Access GATEWAY™ Solid Surface Portable Ramp classic series and EZ-Access GATEWAY™ Solid Surface Portable Ramps W/HR classic series.

5. Wheelchair Ramps for Vans, SUVs and Trucks: These wheelchair ramps are designed to load wheelchairs or scooters in and out of transport vehicles easily using its various wheel configurations. They can be folded and carried easily like a suitcase. This customized lightweight and easy-to-handle ramp allows accommodating loads upto 400 pounds. Top quality models available in the market include Rear Door Van Ramps and Multifold Reach.

Locate a Reliable Dealer

You can purchase good quality portable wheelchair ramps in Boston from a licensed and accredited home accessibility equipment provider. Purchase from a reliable dealer would offer several benefits such as free shipping, installation support and maintenance support.

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Living Free Home is your local New Jersey provider of home accessibility equipment: stair lifts, modular ramps, portable ramps, wheel chair lifts, and more.

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