Installing Curved Stair Lifts — Key Factors to Consider

Facts that could help you to purchase and install a curved stair lift for yourselves or for your beloved ones.

If you or your loved ones have mobility issues, then it’s time to think seriously about installing a stair lift. Stairs are a major concern in private as well as public buildings. Wheelchair users, elderly people and those with various health concerns such as arthritis find it a huge challenge to get up and down stairways. Stair lifts can be installed on both straight and curved stairways. Here we look at curved stairlifts that are available with reliable mobility equipment dealers in NJ.

Curved Stair Lifts

These lifts are designed for curved stairway constructions such as spherical stairs, or switchback stairs. It needs a longer time to install and the price is relatively high compared to straight stair lifts. The stair lift features can be custom-built. When you want to purchase a curved stairlift, ensure that it has all standard safety features as well as features that provide comfort, convenience and ease-of-use.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing

Keep in mind the basic factors, your requirements and budget.

>> Ensure that your staircase can accommodate the stair lift before you purchase. Your dealer can help you with this by performing an on-site evaluation.

>> Choose only a professional licensed company for purchasing and installing your stair lifts. This is important because it’s all about reliability and safety.

>> Go for a company that could provide you with free accessibility survey, in-house installers, and 24/7 technical assistance.

>> A good company will have a number of different models from prominent manufacturers. They will help you identify the right one for your purposes.

>> Consider the length of the stairway, landings (top and bottom) and the type of staircase. Exact measurements have to be taken.

>> The location of your staircase would determine whether you require a weatherproof stair lift or not.

>> Choose a stair lift that can maximize the space between the stairs and lift so that others can use the stairs at the same time.

>> Cost is an important factor. Consider whether the stair lift can be purchased within your budget.

>> Make sure that the technicians have done a final safety check before they hand over the equipment to you.


The installation process starts with mounting the leg bases that will keep the rails in place and your lift safely secured. Next step is to join the pieces of railing with curved pins. This process builds the shape of your lift. After the railings are strongly fit together, the carriage is fit onto the rails through skate rollers. Connect the battery and install the chargers at the top and bottom of your stair lift. After this step, you can install remote controls and seat. Your lift is ready for use after programming and testing.

The best way to ensure safe installation is to have your dealer install the product for you professionally.

Popular Models

>> Bruno Elite Curved: This is a safe and reliable design practical on all types of curved systems. Weight capacity is 400lbs.

>> Handicare2000: This model comes with the tightest track bends for space on the stairways. It is incorporated with twin rail system. Here the weight capacity is 253–300 lbs based on selected model.

>> HandicareFree Lift : This comes in three models –

>> Vermeer: — Ideal for multi-storey homes or an apartment. It comes with LED diagnostic system in armrest.

>> Van Gogh: — Designed for a longer wall or rail, which comes with single tubular track.

>> Rembrandt: — Ideal for shorter walls that gives more space on staircase. Designed with two standard remote controls.

A home assessment from an expert dealer helps you to choose the right option. Established dealers usually offer free shipping and free accessibility analysis on stair lifts in NJ.

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