How to Make a Home Accessible to All by Installing Accessibility Equipment

Accessibility equipment can make your home a better place to live in. There is a famous saying that goes “there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”. People make every effort to buy stuff that provides utmost safety, freedom and comfort in their home. Each family member should be able to access all the areas in your home; though this is not always possible when you have elderly or mobility disabled near and dear ones. Climbing steps or other raised landings is an ordeal when you have some physical impairment or injury. So home owners have to make all necessary arrangements to provide their loved ones with a comfortable living. Now it is possible with advanced accessibility equipment such as ramps, stair lifts and wheelchair lifts available with experienced dealers.

>> Stairlifts — A stair lift is a motorized chair that runs up and down a staircase on a rail or track. A person gets onto the chair or platform which safely and comfortably moves up and down the stairs without damaging the walls. This lift can be installed inside or outside your home. Stairlifts used on a straight staircase travel in a straight line. They cannot turn a corner or go around a bend whereas those installed on curved stairways can travel around corners, across intermediate landings and even up spiral staircases. They can be installed on either the left side or right side of a stairway according to your requirement. They are affordable and have sufficient lifting capacity. They include safety features such as a retractable seatbelt, an offset swivel seat, safety sensors on the power pack and footplate, an armrest which incorporates LED diagnostic systems, over speed governor or emergency brake, underpan safety sensors to detect obstructions on the lift’s path, and two 12-volt batteries to provide dependable performance in the event of power failure, and continuous charge strips along the entire rail. Exterior stairlifts come with a waterproof cover for protection against extreme temperatures.

>>Ramps — A ramp is an inclined plane installed at the steps leading to your front or back doors, or from your garage into your home. It allows wheelchair and scooter users to easily get in and out of their home. Ramps are available in aluminum, steel, rubber or pressure-treated wooden material and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. There are permanent and portable ramps. Permanent ramps are designed to be bolted or installed in a place where you want them for continuing use. Meanwhile, portable ramps are lightweight and portable and can be folded like a suitcase. This makes them easy to carry, use and store. There are threshold ramps and vehicle ramps. Threshold ramps provide a simple and safe way to navigate through doorways, sliding glass doors, shower or other raised landings. Vehicle ramps can be installed at the rear door or side door of vans, trucks and SUVs to let a wheelchair or scooter roll into and out through the side door or rear door.

>>Wheelchair lifts — They are platform lifts designed to raise a wheelchair and its occupant in order to overcome a step or similar vertical barrier. A wheelchair lift can be used for a small rise to your garage door landing or front porch, up to a 14′ lift to an upper deck. It has sufficient lifting capacity and its main features include anti-slip platform; spring sensitive bottom plate that shuts down the unit whenever an obstruction is encountered; keyed, constant pressure controls on platform with emergency stop switch; all-weather protected controls and switches with powder-coated finish, top and bottom limit switches with upper final limit safety switch, reversible design and dual V-belt driven acme screw with backup safety nut, solenoid actuated braking at the landings, call/send controls with key and mechanical interlock.

Benefit from the Professionalism of an Authorized Dealer

If you are planning to install a stairlift, ramp or wheelchair lift in your residence, approach a leading supplier of home accessibility equipment in New Jersey, who can provide you with a large selection of wheelchair lifts, stairlifts and ramps from top manufacturers such as Bruno, Handicare and National Ramp, to help keep your life on the move. With their vast experience in dealing with accessibility devices, they can help you choose the right product for your use. They also offer professional installation and maintenance support. They custom design commercial ramps, and offer modular wheelchair ramp rentals for any temporary requirements you may have.

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Living Free Home is your local New Jersey provider of home accessibility equipment: stair lifts, modular ramps, portable ramps, wheel chair lifts, and more.

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