Guidelines for Maintaining an Outdoor Stairlift

People dealing with mobility problems face accessibility challenges both inside and outside the home. Stair lifts provide the solution by allowing users to navigate stairs easily, safely, and independently. Exterior stair lifts address the barriers posed by stairs from the main door, sundeck, or porch to the sidewalk, garden, garage, or basement. Reputable dealers of mobility systems in Boston offer high quality exterior stair chair lifts for straight staircases as well as curved/spiral stairways and those multiple landings.

Like any other mechanical equipment, it is important to maintain your stair chair lift properly. Regular or frequent use can result in abrasion of the device components. On the other hand, bad weather conditions can damage parts and hinder operation. Regular maintenance and servicing can considerably increase the life span of the device, and ensure that it functions reliably and safely all the time. Here are the guidelines for maintaining an outdoor stair lift –

· Most outdoor stair lift models come with a cover to protect the seat. However, since they are based outside and continuously exposed to the weather, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. Simply run a sponge over the seat, followed by a quick wipe with a clean and wet cloth at least once a week to prevent a buildup of dust and dirt.

· When cleaning your outdoor stair lift, never ever use solvents, bleach products or abrasive cleaners as these products can cause short circuit or corrode the important components that allow the machine to work properly. Also, exposure to cleaning solvents can cause the carriage and chair sections of the lift to become damaged and the rollers to gradually lose friction and to skid, forcing the lift to shut down permanently.

· Always keep the battery charger in a safe dry spot in order to prevent condensation from occurring in the charger. Not doing this can affect its function in keeping the battery always charged.

· The lift battery and moveable parts such as swiveling areas on the chair are the parts that require the most attention. Make it a point to examine the track for any deterioration and ensure that there are no breaks or cracks. Charge the batteries completely. It is important to replace batteries every 1–2 years.

· Vacuum the rail (at least twice a month), depending on the weather conditions. This will help keep the rail free of obstructions such as small stones, mud, or dust.

· Lubricate the tracks once in every 3 months to prevent deterioration in stair lift movement. Before lubrication, clean the length of the track with a damp cloth to remove excess dust and residual black carbon that might have built up over months of use. Always immobilize the device by removing the key before cleaning the track. Once the track is clean, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or other lubricant to it and any moving parts to keep them well oiled.

· Examine the stair lift wheels to make sure that there no cracks or breaks. If the wheel does not rotate properly, it should be replaced immediately. In addition, all mounting bolts and screws should be checked to see whether they are tight and adjustments made if necessary.

· If the stair chair lift has trailing cables, inspect them thoroughly for any cracks. Use silicone spray for outdoor trailing cables.

Taking care of your stair chair lift is an important way to increase its functionality and lifespan. Purchasing your stairlift in Boston, from a reputable dealer, can ensure efficient and timely maintenance support. Such dealers have a team of certified technicians who can carry out repair, cleaning, and lubrication tasks effectively and ensure that your stair lift works perfectly all the time.

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