Factors to Consider while buying Exterior Stairlifts in NJ

People with physical disabilities and senior citizens can enjoy outdoors with the help of exterior stair lifts. These devices are designed to transport you over the steps leading from your front door or deck to the garden or driveway. With an outdoor stairlift, you no longer have to be confined to the indoors.

An exterior stair lift comes with a comfortable seat and transports a person along its motorized track. They are similar to their indoor counterparts, but feature improved weatherproofed construction to protect against the harshest weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow. These lifts generally have a maximum weight capacity of 300 to 550 lbs.

Factors to be Consider while Buying Outdoor Stairlifts

To choose right unit for your outdoor staircase, keep the following considerations in mind:

· The guide track or rail: Stairlifts travel along a guide rail made of aluminum or steel. Modern systems use anodized aluminum rails to prevent corrosion. Avoid outdated cable hauled lifts as they are prone to operational problems in the long-term and are less safe.

· Drive unit or carriage: The carriage is the heart of stairlift. It drives the seat up and down the stairs and is guided by rollers running on the rail to make it travel in a straight line. Ensure that the carriage has a folded steel structure as this will ensure strength and durability. Also the rollers should have sealed ball bearing bearings to ensure that they roll smoothly over the entire life of the stair lift. Don’t choose a stair lift that has plastic rollers or aluminum die castings for the chassis structure as they could crack or break over time.

· Seat cover: Covers need to be waterproof to withstand even in harsh climate conditions. They should be kept clean and dry.

· Remote control: Radio frequency remote controls work properly and perfectly through the covers, bright sunlight and low energy light bulb.

· Installation and Maintenance: Exterior stairlifts should be professionally installed by trained and experienced technicians. Due to their exposure to the harsh elements, they should be maintained and serviced more frequently.

Various Models Available

Leading manufacturers like Bruno and Handicare offer a range of exterior stairlifts models in NJ. Customers can choose from a wide variety of quality models:

· Bruno Elite Exterior: Bruno stairlifts are ideal for straight stairs

· Bruno Elite Exterior Curved: Built to follow the curves and angles of your stairways

· Handicare 1000 — Designed to fit even on the narrowest stairways, indoors or out

· Handicare 2000 Exterior Curved: Specially designed for outdoor curved stairs, it comes with fully weatherproof seats. It has a key switch to prevent unauthorized use.

Buy your exterior stairlifts in NJ from a licensed and accredited dealer who offers free shipping, professional installation, and maintenance services by expert technicians.

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