Commercial Wheelchair Lift — Overcome Barriers to Access in Public Settings

Commercial wheelchair lifts allow wheelchair users to move safely and independently from one level of a building to another. These lifts are an ideal option for public settings such as church, schools, offices and other commercial buildings. Licensed and accredited dealers in mobility equipment offer a wide range of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant commercial wheelchair lifts in New Jersey. Purchase from a reliable dealer will ensure a quality product and customized installation.

A wheelchair lift helps wheelchair users overcome the challenge of climbing and descending the steps or similar vertical barriers in low-rise commercial buildings. There are models for both internal and external applications.

Bruno Wheelchair Lifts in NJ — Choose a Model to suit your Application

Leading supplier of accessibility equipment offer commercial wheelchair lifts from industry leader Bruno. Customers can choose from the following Bruno wheelchair lift models which are safe and efficient as well as easy to install and operate.

• Unenclosed Commercial Vertical Platform Lift (VPL): This wheelchair lift can be used both indoors and outdoors, and comes with weather-protected controls. It is an ideal accessibility option for stages, porches and short distances. It can travel up to 60” and has a total load capacity of 750lbs.
• 3-Gate Commercial VPL: This toe-guard lower enclosure VPL provides a full barrier at the lower landing with no access under the lift for maximum safety. It can travel up to 53” and comes with a fixed ramp option and bottom platform safety panel.
• Enclosed Commercial VPL: The enclosed commercial wheelchair lift is lightweight and easy to install. With full size Plexiglas’s door and panel inserts, it is an attractive addition to any commercial setting. This ADA compliant model is known for its dependable performance.

Key Features of Bruno Wheelchair Lifts

Commercial wheelchair lifts from Bruno do not require any pit or separate machine room which makes them a space saving solution. These lifts come in stylish and attractive designs, and offer a safe, quiet and smooth ride. They are safe, durable and dependable devices which are easy to maintain. Their key features include:

• Automatic self-lowering folding ramp
• Bottom platform safety panel and Non-skid platform
• Top/bottom limit switches
• Upper/lower final limit safety switches
• Emergency stop and audio/visual alarm
• The device comes with quiet ACME screw-driven DC motor (with continuous charge battery operation)
• Weather-protected controls, switches and powder-coated finish
• Keyed, constant pressure controls on platform
• Usually come with a two-year warranty on major components and one-year on parts

Wheelchair Lifts in NJ — Ensure Purchase from a Certified Dealer

If you are looking to purchase a commercial wheelchair lifts in New Jersey, locate a licensed and accredited dealer of home accessibility equipment. An experienced supplier will help you choose the right a product for your low-rise building. They will also provide cost-effective professional installation by a team of certified experts.

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