Bruno Stairlifts Improve Quality of Life for the Mobility Impaired

Older adults and those with physical disabilities find the stairs in their home a major challenge that prevents them from moving about freely and independently. Bruno stairlifts in New Jersey provide the solution for people who find difficulty climbing up and down stairs. These stairlifts are designed to provide smooth, comfortable and safe access in multilevel homes.

How Stairlifts improve Quality of Life

If you have mobility issues, installing a Bruno stairlift in your home would change your life for the better in many ways:

• Avoids risk of injuries on stairs: Climbing a staircase is a tedious and challenging task for those with mobility problems. There is the risk that they could fall and sustain serious injuries. A stairlift allows them to travel up down the stairs easily, safely and comfortably in a sitting, standing, or perched position.

• Restores independence: Studies on the effect of stairlifts on individuals have shown that 92 percent of people who own a stairlift enjoy a sense of independence and freedom. The device helps individuals with mobility impairments to move to all levels of their house without any difficulty.

• Helps transport lightweight items: Stairlifts can also be used to carry lightweight items up and down the stairs.

• Enhanced mobility: Wheelchair users and those who have difficulty with stairs often stay in their room and do not move around the house much. Installing a stairlift makes it convenient and easier for them to get around the house and participate in a wider range of activities.
Using a stair lift is simple. The user just needs to sit on the seat and press a button to get the lift moving up and down the stairs.

Independent Living with Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno offers stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases, indoors and out.

• Bruno Elan: Featuring simple design, the Elan is much easier to set up than other devices in its class. This straight stairlift comes with a 300 lb weight capacity, swivel seat, and generous seat size with multiple seat heights. With a direct drive motor/gear box and no belts, maintenance is minimal. Two 12-volt batteries provide dependable performance, even during outages.

• Bruno Elite: This is another model for straight stairs. It has a 400 lb load capacity and arms, seat and footrest that flip up, providing plenty of space for walking on the stairs. Its superior clamping and rail design provides excellent stability. Like the Elan, it is battery-equipped to work during power outages and requires little maintenance.

• Bruno Elite Curved: This is an ideal option for virtually any type of curved stairway. With a 400 lb weight capacity, it features a safe and durable design. It comes with visual diagnostics for instant unit status, generous seat size with adjustable width arm rests and multiple seat heights.

• Bruno Elite Exterior: This quality outdoor stair lift allows users to navigate the stairs outside the home with confidence and ease. It comes in two variants: Bruno Outdoor Elite for straight stars and Bruno Outdoor Elite Curve for curved stairs. Both feature a weather-resistant cover system that provides simple and durable protection.

Bruno stairlifts in New Jersey also come with various safety features to prevent harm to the rider and damage to the stairlift. A reliable dealer can help you choose the right model to suit your needs. They will also provide professional installation support and prompt maintenance services.

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