Bruno Stairlifts — Add Convenience and Value to Your Home

Bruno stairlifts are recognized for their exceptional engineering, innovative design and smooth, stable ride. Durable and safe, they can help users negotiate the challenges posed by straight and curved indoor and outdoor staircases. Attached to the rail, they can be installed on the either sides of a stairway. These lifts are designed to blend seamlessly with any home décor and take up very little space.

Popular Models of Bruno Stairlifts

Established providers of home accessibility equipment in New Jersey offer the following models of Bruno stairlifts:

• Bruno Elan — SRE 3000 — It is the most popular Stairlifts of Bruno. It is designed specially for straight indoor staircases.

• Bruno Elite — SRE 2010 — Its compact and stylish design makes them a better choice for your home. It is goes well with straight indoor staircases.

• Bruno Elite Curved — CRE 2110 — It can be installed on virtually all curved indoor stairways.

• Bruno Elite Exterior — SRE-2010E — This is a suitable option outdoor straight staircases. It perform flawlessly even in harsh climatic conditions. Its weather-resistant cover travels with the chair and protects the Stairlift from the elements when it is not in use.

• Bruno Elite Exterior Curved — CRE-2110E — It can be used in outdoor curved staircases. It comes with weather-protected features that ensure dependable performance even in extreme temperatures.


• Load capacity — 300–400 pounds
• Easy to install and operate
• Offers comfortable and silent ride
• Armrests and footrests are provided for maximum comfort
• Generous seat size with multiple seat heights
• Foldable armrests, seat and footrest to create plenty of space for family or guests to walk up and down the stairs
• Onboard audio/visual diagnostics
• Soft start/stop — smooth ride from start to finish
• Armrest rocker switch for easy operation
• Two wireless remote controls
• Charge strips along rail power unit for continuous charge wherever lift stops

Safety Features

Bruno stairlifts come with several features to ensure maximum user safety. Two 12-volt batteries ensure reliable performance even during power outages. The carriage safety sensors stop the unit when an obstruction is encountered in its path. The optional top or bottom park position provides additional security when entering or exiting. The offset swivel seat comes with a retractable seatbelt and is designed to make entry and exit easy. Performance tested for 0°F-125°F, Bruno outdoor stairlifts comes with weather-resistant features to ensure high-quality performance even in extreme temperatures.

Find a Reliable Dealer

Leading dealers in mobility equipment offer Bruno stairlifts in New Jersey. Reliable suppliers provide professional installation by experienced factory-trained technicians at no additional cost. They will also provide efficient on-call support and maintenance and inspection services.

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