Bruno Elan Stair Lift — Ideal Choice for a Straight Line of Stairs

Negotiating stairs is a major challenge for seniors or people with mobility issues. Stair lifts improve their mobility and independence to a great extent. A stair chair lift allows people with concerns to sit comfortably on a motorized seat and travel up and down the stairs safely, comfortably and independently. Straight stair lifts are specially designed for installation on a straight line of stairs. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment in New York offers high-quality stair chair lifts integrated with advanced safety features. The Bruno Elan stair lift, the new benchmark for style, performance and affordability, provides a smooth and quiet ride. Simplicity in design makes this stair chair lift much easier and less costly to install than other standard devices.

Bruno Elan — Simple and Compact

Featuring a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, the device can be easily installed on either side of the stairway. It comes with adjustable seat height for easier entry/exit (at the top and bottom of the stairway) and two 12 –volt batteries that ensure dependable performance even during power outages. A full-length charge strip allows the unit to charge anywhere along the rail. The stair lift’s rack-and-pinion drive system ensures a smooth ride.

The safety features of this straight stair lift include an electromagnetic braking system along with a self-locking gear box and overspeed brake, and safety sensors on the foot plate and carriage to stop the unit if an obstruction is encountered. Its convenient offset swivel seat mechanism provides a safe, comfortable exit at the top of the rail.

The Elan comes with two wireless call/send controls that make installation simple and clean (with no wires running along the wall). Its vertical, anodized rail can be installed within 5 inches (127 mm) from the wall. The arms, seat and footrest flip up to create plenty of space for family or guests to walk up and down the stairs. Other standard features include –

· Direct drive motor/gear box — no belts for reduced maintenance

· Generous seat size with multiple seat heights

· Dual braking system

· Locking offset swivel seat at the top of the stairway — stops at 67° and 90°

· Seat belt with buckle

· Self-locking worm gear

· Flip-up arms for easy wheelchair transfers

· Generous seat size — 17.5” (444 mm) seat pad width & 20” (508 mm) width between the arms

· Contoured seat for maximum comfort

Locate a Reliable Dealer of Accessibility Product

To purchase the Bruno Elan Stair Lift in New York, find a reliable dealer. Such dealers have certified technicians who can ensure professional installation of the device to meet your specific requirements.

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